About LAGC


I’m an Irish writer and activist for hire. I’m a bit of a nomad, currently on the East Coast of Australia. This blog was born in the summer of 2011 when I stopped debating competitively and needed a new space to discuss ideas in. Since then, I have grown quite attached to my little patch of internet. Common areas include gender politics, sexuality, LGBT issues, religion, principles of non-violence, and Irish politics. I work as a freelance journalist, copywriter and proofreader. I am always on the look out for additional professional opportunities, so if you would like to collaborate please get in touch.

Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin Blog Writing Angel

I tend to develop intense friend-crushes on political icons, which I may share from time to time.

The blog title is an Irish in-joke. It means “Now Read Carefully”.

The opinions expressed here represent my own views and not those of any employer, past or present.

I also enjoy travel, running, biography and sentimental  films about sport.

Please get involved in the comments section. If you’d like to get in touch, you can use the form below.

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