To crack the glass ceiling you don’t need a sharp stick, you need a sharp suit

Yesterday I had drinks and dinner with a group of remarkable feminists. Came away feeling really energised, with plans for a radical feminist book club and a new world order.

Minutes later I saw this add in Charing Cross tube station.

Sharp suitText:

To crack the glass ceiling you don’t need a sharp stick , you need a sharp suit

But can the right threads really help you stitch up the competition? Without a doubt. Looking confident, successful and ahead of the game – while every inch a woman – really is half the battle. And it’s the half where Wardrobe can help. 

Wardrobe is a time saving one stop store where you’ll find nothing but the cream of Italian designer suits, dresses, coats, knitwear, shoes, bags, belts and jewellery. 

Everything in Wardrobe is hand-picked by founder Susie Faux on trips to the dozen Italian houses that have earned her respect. 

You’ll find the edgy chic pieces Wardrobe is famous for in fabrics such as you have never laid hands on before. 

You’ll find a degree of tailoring excellence rarely found in women’s clothes. You’ll find outfits not only the right size (8-18) but the right proportions. Plus, if needed, the attention of two in-house tailors to go the extra centimetre.

So take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself: could the wrong packaging be limiting your potential?

Even a reluctant ‘maybe’ suggests it’s time to browse in Wardrobe.

While there, why not engage one of Wardrobe’s warm and perceptive stylists in conversation?

Once she has a feel for your likes, dislikes and lifestyle needs, she’ll short-cut you to several real possibilities.

In no time at all you’ll be in a fitting room with an armful of pieces that will change not only how other people see you, but how you see yourself.

Observing a client go through this process for the first time is like watching the sun come out. And the glass ceiling dissolves.  

You know what? I think I will drop into Wardrobe and speak to one of their warm and perceptive stylists. I’ll tell her the following:

My likes: court shoes, distinctive colours, well-cut blazers .

My dislikes: synthetic materials, blocky shoulders, navy.

My lifestyle needs: to be treated as equal to men, socially and economically,  to be judged on my work and not on my clothing or appearance, to be paid as much as a men for the same work as men, to have the same opportunity for promotion as men even if I have the temerity to have children, to go to work confident that I won’t be subjected to sexism or sexual harassment, to have female role models in any industry in which I work, to maintain my self-esteem in a society that consistently tries to take it from me by telling me that my body, my “wrong packaging” is limiting my potential. A society fuelled by corporate greed which tells me that I should take a long hard look at myself in the mirror, recognise my inadequacy and then spend hundreds of pounds trying to buy my way back to a level playing field. What silly women we’ve been, spending all these year’s campaigning for the vote and equal pay and political representation and places in boardrooms. All along we’ve been blind to the fact that the glass ceiling is SOLUBLE. And all it takes is the cream of Italian design.

Now, where’s my armful of magic suits?


8 thoughts on “To crack the glass ceiling you don’t need a sharp stick, you need a sharp suit

  1. I have never seen your blog before, but I also just came across this hideous advert at Angel tube and googled “wardrobe sharp suit anti-feminist” and found you.
    How dare they patronise us hard working women like this?! I’m only 2 years into my chosen career so I cannot imagine how enraged I would feel as, say, a 35 year old lawyer who has worked her arse off to get where she is, still brandishing that sharp stick of intelligence and commitment, only to be advised, hey, stop trying, just spend a bit more on your clothes!

  2. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks so much for your comment. No one else seems to have seen this ad so good to know I’m not the only one outraged by it! I just don’t understand how an advertising agency thought this was a good idea.

  3. Thank you for taking note of this! I’m currently writing my dissertation on the effects capitalism has had on feminism and my boyfriend mentioned this horrific advert to me. I couldn’t find it at first but am so glad that I have been able to read this.

    Thanks again

    • Very welcome! Again, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who noticed it. Your dissertation sounds really interesting – it’s an area I’m trying to learn more about at the moment.

  4. Saw this dreadful poster on the tube today, googled it, expecting outrage all over the web, and just found you… Wanna go down there and have chat with this woman, and point out the error of her ways/marketing strategy? Meantime I will tweet/share the sh*t out of this, if you don’t mind…

  5. I just saw this today and had to google it to see if anyone had found it as ridiculous as I did. It seems you did. I don’t consider myself a feminist but my girlfriend keeps assuring me that I am after the rants I go on, but feminism aside I find it hilarious/scary that somebody can use this metaphor and somehow turn it around so spectacularly.
    Layman’s terms: “There is no glass ceiling, you just look like shit love”

  6. Hi

    I just saw this poster this morning, and like others, also googled it to see who else thought it was so ridiculous. I honestly can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea! Sorry to see it’s over a year old and they’re still using the same copy.


  7. I have been ranting about this ad for ages but have never thought to google it before. I had thought they would have realised how offensive it is and taken it down by now, but they seem to be multiplying! Its incredibly sad that at a time when businesses are finally working out that more needs to be done to encourage professional women this monstrocity turns up and gives a clear demonstration of how far there is to go. Im a junior lawyer and am lucky to have some fantastic female role models, who are successful due to their tenacity, hardwork and intellect, not because of their tailoring!

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