Out Magazine’s Subversive Celebration of Successful White Men

This morning I read OUT Magazine’s annual OUT100, which they describe as their “annual salute to the year’s most inspiring [LGBT] people.” The list is beautifully photographed and compiled, and includes all sorts of people; soldiers, models, chefs, artists, journalists, students.

It also includes 19 women. Of the one hundred most inspiring LGBT people of the year, apparently less than a fifth are female. Also, for the record, there are six people on the list who aren’t white.

Thanks a heap community that primarily defines itself as tolerant and inclusive.

P.S. For the purposes of this post, anyone the magazine describes using feminine pronouns is considered to be a woman.


3 thoughts on “Out Magazine’s Subversive Celebration of Successful White Men

  1. That’s really disappointing. I’m not sure why but it always annoys me more when people who should understand from first hand experience how bad discrimination is also discriminate. When I was in first year a boss of mine was gay and sometimes quite racist and I think it annoyed me more then if he were straight because I felt as a man who had spent a lot of his life put under pressure for being different he should at least understand how horrible it is to be treated unequally. I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable stance for me to take though, possible he took out his perceived inadequacy he felt on other weakness as a way of dealing with his sexual orientation, he was the kinda man that I imagine would have much rather been straight, and he certainly worked in a company and grew up in a country where his life would have been significantly easier, and sadly didn’t have your or most of our mutual friends strong character. Anyway that’s just what comes to mind, think most people would agree that this is a bit shit.

    • Anthony, I agree that its a complex issue. I knew an Asian kid at school who used to tell “Paki” jokes, and it broke my heart every time, because I knew he was using the bullies language to fit in and it seemed to work. I don’t think we can put pressure on any one group to be more or less tolerant than others – we are all one society and where heterosexism is currency, it would seem everyone is fallible. Damn you, human condition!

      • Yeah you’re completely right. I have a tendency when I read things like this to give people the benefit of the doubt, often when they don’t deserve it, and my simple point was really that not understanding the affect of what you’re saying isn’t an excuse when you know what it is to be in a minority. But then as you say there is pressure to fit in that don’t affect those in the majority as much, it is all complex and a sad.

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